About us

 I would like to promote passion and inspiration. We love to capture REAL expressions and emotions. I am someone who connects easily with people, and I want them to feel comfortable getting their photos taken. I look forward to helping you preserving this special moment in your life.
Alfyn Photography started all because me and my father share the same passion.

Our mission is to capture countless priceless memories with people that will hang beautiful photos in their homes. These are memories that will last forever.
We do portraits, lifestyle photography, family, kids, newborn, fitness, boudoir, & weddings. Me and my father have different views and ideas but with us combine we create something special and dynamic.

What interested you about being a photographer?
Capturing beauty, art, and memories in time which can not repeat. Sure they can be a like, but never the same. Time can not be repeated nor stopped, but we can stop moments in time in a photograph that will last forever.

My father has always taken photos of me and my sister growing up. He did not fail to miss any milestone, I was interested in photography at a young age. Everyone now-a-days is a photographer with cellphones and digital cameras but what made me want to do it professionally is when I had kids of my own. I did not want to be just a cell phone, digital camera photographer, I wanted to take to the next level. There is a more creative world that lives in my head in hopes that one day we get to share it to the world.

We like to photograph mostly people because neither face expression is exactly the same, it changes in a matter of seconds. Being able to capture peoples emotions has given us such joy and new dimension in life.

We believe that everyone is different, unique, and beautiful in their own way, we can't wait to capture your individual story, and make this experience unforgettable.

Contact us to capture your story.