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Day of the Dead The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.


This was def. an epic shoot! Seriously was laughing the whole time!

Sooo many inside jokes!

From saggy Grandma t***, peacock peacock, to ugly worker man jump suit! Lol I was wondering the whole time if I was gonna get some cool ones. HAHAH Because with each click someone was laughing! :))


I worked with this group for our Reno Tahoe Tonight mag. shoot and last Oct. for the Day of the Dead shoot and this team is just beyond awesome!!

Loved every single minute!

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Photography by Alfyn Gestoso

Models- Briana Maselli & Madelaine Zaklina Troeger

HMUA- Jenny Oxier

Assisted by Nick Cefalu


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Boudoir w/ the beautiful Kate Olsen  


Alfyn Photography l Kate Olsen

I started photography because I just love taking pictures. I remember using a sony and canon point and shoot, & now shooting with my Nikon dslr. It's just amazing to see the differences! 

Kate is such an amazing person to work with! Almost ALL of her frames where A+++

I'm so happy I was able to work with such an incredible talent here in Reno.


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Jason l Fitness shoot  

"Good things come to those who work."

I just love fitness photography! It all started when I began capturing Ruthless images. Who is Ruthless? They are a group of motivated and enthusiastic fitness fanatics and their goal is to provide motivation, inspiration, and information to anyone who wants it!

Jason told me he was tired and will be on point next time we shoot, but look at these images.. I ADMIRE all the hard work you do Jason!

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Reno Couple Session Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. - Oscar Wilde


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PINUP preview My philosophy is: If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it. -Paul Walker


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Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild


It's been a blast getting to know this family!

And how ADORABLE are their kids?!?



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Mommy & me with Cali & Rikki  

"She's a LITTLE TOMBOY"- Cali

Mommy and me Session


     Right from the get go this little girl was in charge. Where ever she wanted to go I go! Rikki reminded me of my daughter Ava, they would have gotten along so well if she came along with the shoot. Hopefully one day they can meet and play together?!

It was fun trying to look for a huge FLOWER for you, and I learned that Rikki has a pet bunny. How adorable is that? We did some walking around the park, I didn't think our walk was that far until we started walking back to the Dinosaur park. haha

Hope I get to capture more special moments with you two!


Alfyn G.

Alfyn Photography

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Mommy and me with Keisha & Landon Mommy & Me 05/04/14



      I work with Keisha at the bank and when she asked me to do her photos with her son I felt HONORED!!! Her 2 yrs old boy Landon is just way too ADORABLE!!I only saw Landon once in person when he was playing with his grandma outside of our work. It was pure joy to be able to shoot these two. My father Armando Gestoso took almost all of the photos, I took a few in the end and will upload here later on. My mom came along to the shoot and fell in LOVE with this little boy. Up till now she asks me how's Landon. LOL And from looking at the photos taken that day I saw my mom in most of the photos.

Thank you once again for asking me to do your photos! Hope we do MANY MANY MANY more in the future. :)




Alfyn G.

Alfyn Photography

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